Evaluation 2024/1 (April 2024, date of publication of the evaluation: 03.04.2024)

The national and Interbull evaluations of Black & White and Red & White Polish Holstein-Friesian bull breeding values are presented.

The PF Index (Production and Functional traits) and composite subindexes are shown.

The two kinds of evaluation, i.e. conventional and genomic, are listed together, with an option to choose one of them.

The following acronyms describing type of evaluation are assigned to each trait:

Criteria for publishing breeding values and indexes

The national or Interbull breeding values are presented for milk production, somatic cell score, conformation, fertility, longevity, workability and calving traits. If the Interbull breeding value is available it is published (coded MACE or GMACE). If this type of evaluation is not available then the national evaluation is published (coded EBV or GPI). In the case of the hoof health trait, a single step genomic estimated breeding value is calculated is presented, which is estimated in a single evaluation run using phenotypic, pedigree and genomic information. (coded ssGEBV).

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August 14, 2024